Doctor Cavaz Explains: Dental (Teeth) Implants

Dental implants are titanium screws used to replace missing teeth in the jawbone. These screws support a dental prosthesis. Implant treatment has the advantage that neighboring teeth are not damaged. This eliminates the need to cut neighboring teeth. A dental implant acts as a root, allowing you to eat, speak, and laugh just like a natural tooth.


With our transparent pricing and high-quality implants without compromise, we redefine the cost of dental implants. We work with high quality teeth implant material brands like Straumann Group (Switzerland) and Servo-Dental (Germany). Despite serving the finest quality, we provide affordable prices when compared to the UK, EU Region, and USA. 

A 5-Day Dental Implant Process of Istanbul Dental Care in Turkey

With our streamlined implant process, you save time and don't compromise on quality. Even though every case is different, we strive to give you a smooth and timely experience. Without extensive wait times, you can achieve your dream smile. Your schedule will be accommodated by our efficient dental implant treatments in Turkey.

Advantages of Having Dental Implants in Turkey

  • Patients from Europe can afford healthcare in Turkey thanks to the lower living costs. In Turkey, services of the same quality cost much less than they would in Europe due to the lower living costs. 
  • Successful dental implant results in Turkey attract tens of thousands of medical tourists annually because any procedure, no matter how difficult, can be performed there.
  • In Turkey, you can get any type of modern implant, metal or ceramic.
  • The Istanbul Dental Care offers its patients additional services in addition to treatment. Accommodations and other aspects of the patient's stay in Turkey are arranged by us.

One significant advantage of opting for implant treatment in Turkey is the immediacy of the process. Upon deciding to proceed with your implant treatment, there's no need to schedule separate examination and operation appointments, as commonly required in Europe and the USA.


Upon your arrival at our clinic, a panoramic x-ray and intraoral photographs are taken. A personalized implant plan is then promptly devised for you, and if your bone structure permits, implants can be placed on the same day. Your second appointment, occurring 3-6 months later, involves gingival adjustments and the placement of crowns.

Turkey offers more than just excellent healthcare services; it is also a splendid holiday destination boasting unique beaches, a perpetually shining sun, and delectable Turkish cuisine. Despite the high quality of hotels, the associated costs are remarkably low.


Lastly, in comparison to other destinations like Mexico, the Turkish government rigorously oversees all healthcare services provided to our international patients. Your implant surgeries are conducted by a maxillofacial surgeon, ensuring the highest standards of care and expertise.

Why choose İstanbul Dental Care for dental implants in Turkey?

  • We use 3D imaging, computer-guided technology, and premium implants to get the most effective results. We value your time and comfort by providing you with efficient, high-quality care. 
  • Your dental implant treatment in Turkey will be handled by professionals with cutting-edge technology.
  • Your treatment in Istanbul lasts 5 days, after which you can return to normal life.
  • A wonderful Istanbul holiday will await you with the implant containers we offer.
  • The most critical issue for our patient satisfaction is that you can review us on Google reviews (5/5).

Which Clinic Serve Finest Dental Implants in Turkey?

Since its establishment in 2010, Istanbul Dental Care has been a leading provider of top-notch dental implants, standing out as one of the most seasoned dental clinics in Turkey. Employing cutting-edge dental technology, including 3D imaging and computer-guided techniques, we ensure the highest standards of care.


While dental implant procedures are commonly conducted under local anaesthesia, our clinic caters to patients with disabilities, excessive nausea, or dental phobias by offering a fully equipped operating theatre for procedures under general anaesthesia. For those with sufficient bone thickness and density, non-surgical implant introductions without the need for stitches are feasible. Our commitment is to deliver the perfect smile in a friendly environment, prioritising the avoidance of unnecessary pain or discomfort for our patients.


Drawing on the extensive experience of Dr. Çağatay Kavaz, who has treated over 3,000 patients, our clinic recognizes that certain implants from various manufacturers are better suited to specific bone conditions. As a result, we exclusively utilise high-quality dental implants sourced from reputable brands in the USA, Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland.


By integrating these premium branded dental implants with our continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology, complimentary dental consultations, a team of excellent professional physicians and staff, and reduced waiting times compared to other countries, our clinic ensures a significantly enhanced healthcare experience for our patients.


Why International Patients Prefer Turkey for Dental Implants?

Implant treatment services in Turkey are characterised by an exceptional standard. Utilising high-quality, FDA-approved branded materials and the latest technologies from Europe, our implant treatments maintain a level of excellence. 


Remarkably, the cost of implant treatment in Turkey is only 30 percent of what you would find in England, other European countries, and the USA. The affordability extends to the cost of crowns for implants, making it a cost-effective choice.


Dental Implants in Turkey - Before & After

Numan / Turkey
Implant Hybrid Prosthetics
Kayley / UK
Hybrid protheses, Full mouth implants
Michael / USA
Monolithic Zirconium

Dental Implants in Turkey - Patient Reviews

Having served patients from all over the world since 2015, IDC is committed to meeting their needs. It is our goal to provide them with an excellent dental experience so they can smile confidently and freely. Your happiness is our priority!
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I came back after 6 months for my implant Crowns and the experience was great like before! Thanks to all the team!
The Team was very professional and handled my treatment well. My doctors were great! And so was Seda, my patient coordinator. She helped me a lot during my treatment and she showed me really good places of Istanbul. I enjoyed it very well. If i give 10 stars, i'll give 10 stars to here!
Ruzzana I.
Had implants surgery done in Istanbul Dental Care. What can I say about is only positive! So happy I visited them!
Professional and friendly staff made me feel it was a holiday plus the surgery! Have to mention that our guide Vahdet is very kind, comunicative and helpful person not only to the business related issues but also Istanbul's interesting places to visit or fancy restaurant to get some local dishes.
Dariusz J.
Dariusz J.
I can now smile again. I never had so much fun at a dentist. IDC is the best clinic I have ever been to!
The clinic was spotless and the whole team was very friendly and helpful. I needed 5 implants and 24 crowns fitted and every part of the process was explained to me and by using the very modern equipment made it virtually pain-free. The attention to detail was second to none. A big thank you to all of them.
Uli P.
Uli P.
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€ 180
Zirconia Crowns
Zirconia crowns are the jewel of the dental care world! Great mix of durability and aesthetics! Made in only 3 days!
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  • 5 years Warranty
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  • PhD Expert Consultations
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€ 350
Dental Implants
High-quality, reliable and long-lasting dental implants that are designed to replace missing teeth and restore the function and aesthetics of your smile.
  • Hotel Acommodation
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  • 10 years Warranty
  • Pre/Post Medications
  • PhD Expert Consultations
  • Free X-rays and 3D Scans
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€ 225
E.Max Veneers
High-quality, reliable and long-lasting dental implants that are designed to replace missing teeth and restore the function and aesthetics of your smile.
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  • Airport Transfers
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Pre/Post Treatment Medications
  • PhD Expert Consultations
  • Free X-rays and 3D Scans
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to the number of dental implants a person can get?

A person can get as many dental implants as they want. A dentist or oral surgeon will determine the number of implants a person needs based on their specific oral condition.

How many dental visits are required for getting tooth implants?

Implants require different amounts of dental visits depending on the case. There are usually multiple visits for evaluations, implant placement, and follow-ups. It can take a few months for healing and osseointegration (fusing the implants to the jawbone).

What is the typical lifespan of dental implants?

You can have a dental implant for many years or even a lifetime if you take good care of it. There's a 95% success rate for dental implants after ten years, and they can last even longer with regular dental checkups.

Do you offer a guarantee for dental implants?

Almost all reputable dental clinics offer a warranty or guarantee on dental implants, covering things like failure or complications. Dental implants at IDC are guaranteed for ten years.

If I experience any problems with my dental implant, what should I do?

In the first few weeks after surgery, healing takes place, but it can take months for full osseointegration to occur. If a person's dental implants continue to move or hurt after a few weeks, he or she should seek medical attention. In order to prevent complications, it is crucial to address the problem.

What is a computer-guided dental implant?

The Computer Guided Implant uses a 3D Volumetric Tomography image to feed into a dental simulation program. It requires no cutting into the gums, no surgery, and takes about an hour. There is no need to stitch up the gums afterward.

What are the advantages of choosing computer-guided dental implants?

Treatment that is precise and accurate. Pain is minimised due to minimal incisions. Protects vital structures from damage. Recovery is faster.

Are dental implants a painful procedure?

A dental implant will likely cause some discomfort, as with any surgical procedure. Because the procedure is performed under anaesthesia, you shouldn't feel any pain. In most cases, implant surgery requires local anaesthesia or conscious sedation.

Are dental implants considered safe?

How safe are dental implants? There is no doubt that this procedure is safe. It has been successfully used in dentistry for more than 30 years. The majority of patients with good health do not experience any major problems or complications during the dental implant procedure.

How do dental implants function compared to natural teeth?

Dental implants are titanium posts that fuse chemically and physically to the bone tissue. Its roots are firmly fused and function like natural tooth roots, which are then anchored with a lifelike artificial crown. Unlike other metals, titanium doesn't corrode or react with body fluids

Can individuals with receding gums receive dental implants?

Dental implants can be placed after receding gums are treated by your dentist if an x-ray shows there is no permanent damage beneath the gum. You may be eligible for dental implants if your results are positive and your gums have not receded further.

Are dental implants considered a worthwhile investment?

We can say yes. The cost of dental implants may be higher than other options for replacing teeth, but once they are in place, they can last for decades or even for life.

How long can I expect dental implants to last?

A dental implant typically lasts between 10 and 30 years. Thus, if you obtain an implant at a young age, it will likely last for the remainder of your life. There is no other tooth replacement option that can provide such a long service life.

Is there a risk of dental implants falling out?

According to current statistics, 95-98% of dental implants are still firmly anchored in the bone after ten years, making it very rare for them to loosen or fall out.

Am I a suitable candidate for dental implants?

A dental implant can replace one tooth, several teeth, or all of a person's teeth. Exceptions are rare. A healthy mouth with no untreated tooth decay or gum disease (periodontal disease) is required.

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