Practicing a good dental hygiene plan is the most important part for preserving the health of the teeth and to prevent plaque/bacteria build-up. With the help of good dental hygiene, the enamel of the tooth stays uncompromised. This part is very important because once the enamel get’s severely damaged, it can never truly heal back.Because of that, good, consistent dental hygiene not only protects and cleans the outer side of the teeth but also protects its core. It also prevents bad breath, tartar formation, and many other hygiene-related issues. All of these issues are common in people with bad dental habits.


Since we did a quick preview on the importance of dental hygiene, we can move on to a treatment that is closely related to it. Professional tooth cleaning and polishing is a great dental procedure that dentists use to keep the overall condition of the teeth in check.

What are teeth cleaning and polishing?

Teeth cleaning and polishing (also known as scaling) is a treatment method that dentists use to clean the teeth, get rid of the excessive bacteria and tartar build-up, keep the gums in check, improve teeth color and etc. It is a relatively short procedure and can be completed in about 20 minutes to 30.At the start of the procedure, the dentist will take a look into the patient's mouth. This inspection will be mainly used to find if there is any infection or tartar build-up is present in the mouth. After locating the tartar and plaque, the dentist will use a tool to do the scaling part of the procedure. 



After scaling, the dentist will clean and polish the remaining teeth and do some tooth stone removal. This part is also important because tooth stones can cause bad breath and bad breath is becoming a bigger problem day by day. Treating them early on can increase the patient's self-esteem significantly.All in all, teeth cleaning is very straightforward and minor treatment. There is no after symptoms, nor any pain or discomfort. The only thing that can cause a problem is the sensitivity level of the patient. Some patients might be more sensitive to scaling than others. If that’s the case, a slower cleaning method will be used.


Benefits of Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Benefits of the teeth cleaning and the polishing procedure have always been noted by the positive feedbacks of patients. But, these benefits do not include a change of the shape or the color of the tooth. Although, after a cleaning, the color of the teeth can appear 1 shade brighter. This is due to the cleaning of the excess bacteria.Other than improving the looks of teeth; tooth cleaning and polishing can erase unwanted tartar and plaque build-up and improve the overall health of the teeth. With a more healthy teeth structure, not only does it extend the lifespan of the teeth but it also ensures gum health too.




What is the cost of teeth cleaning and polishing?

The cost of teeth cleaning and polishing is usually dependent on insurance. If your country and insurance policy include teeth cleaning, it most probably is free. If you don’t have it, teeth cleaning and polishing can be quite expensive in some countries.In England, the price for this procedure can go up to 500 English Pounds. In the U.S.A, it averages around 250 to 350 U.S.D. Turkey, however, just like every other dental treatment, is quite affordable. A regular tooth cleaning is around 40 Euros while with scaling and polishing, the price averages out to 60 to 80 Euros.




Summary of it all

Teeth cleaning and polishing is a great way to take care of your natural teeth and is a great solution to patients who experience excessive plaque and tartar build-up. With teeth cleaning, patients can improve their teeth color, teeth health, and gum health. The entire procedure is simple and takes 30 minutes at maximum.For the most optimal teeth health, dentists advise a check up every 6 months. During those check-ups, simple teeth cleaning and polishing procedures can be implemented. With teeth cleaning every 6 months, patients can experience the best version of their smiles every year.