In dental care world, one of the most asked and sought after procedure world wide is teeth whitening. Having a white teeth and a bright smile has always been a prominent sign of beauty. Hollywood and all types of magazine covers also boost this ideology that you need to have a perfect smile to look attractive.But, science also backs this up with studies. We, as human species, respond more positively to an all white teeth. Not only we find it attractive, but we also think that as a sign of trustworthiness and well being. All of these qualities are things that we want the most to achieve in our daily lives.


Because of these positive feedbacks to a white teeth, we naturally want to have a whiter teeth that looks, even with dental touch, as natural as possible. Especially people with discolorations and people who has stains on their teeth go after this treatment plan to change their overall smile.   


Majority of the worlds population does not have diamond white teeth. To be more precise, humans never had that insanely white teeth that catch attention of the strangers, even in dark. Hollywood often tries to show it as a normal thing to have eye catching white teeth. However, very rare people actually have that.


It was even more rare to have white teeth couple of hundred years ago. This was due to the insufficient food intake to our body. Getting food was much harder in those years compared to now, and because of that we had a very unhealthy diet that lacked vitamins. This resulted in poor teeth quality and color.Now, we have the vitamins but we also have overeating and excess sugar intake. When you add smoking and coffee,tea,red wine, it makes hard for us to maintain our teeth colour. Since we started to list things that affect our teeth colour, lets continue;

  • Excessive sugar intake
  • Genetic makeup
  • Smoking
  • Wine
  • Foods with dyes
  • Coffea- Tea


These were the external reasons that are responsible for us to have a yellowish  teeth. But, they are not the only reasons. Internal reasons can  cause discoloration’s aswell. Some of these internal reasons are;

  • Infection from inside
  • Tooth trauma
  • Aging
  • Medication use


If you still have relatively white teeth but noticed some discolorations lately, there are few things that you need to watch out for. If you are smoking, lower it down for some time. Smoking cause your teeth to change colour and it's not good for you even in the slightest.Lower your sugar intake. Sugar, especially processed sugar, is bad for your teeth enamel and directly affects your teeth colour. Coffee and tea, although they are not as bad as sugar, can still leave stain on your teeth. Lowering the amount you drink might be wise if you want that white teeth.


Limiting wine and dyed candy can also be beneficial. They too leave marks on your teeth, if you go over board with them of course. Red wine is especially a bit problematic for the teeth colour. But remember, it's all about the portions, drinking in moderation won’t be that bad for you in the long run.Last but not least, practice good oral hygiene. Don’t forget to brush your teeth in the morning and right before sleeping. Use an antibacterial mouth rinse and sometimes, even though its not necessary, use a floss to completly clean your mouth.


Is The Teeth Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure. It is also not permanent, therefore you might need to do it multiple times. You also need to know that, if your teeth are yellow because of the internal reasons, you can’t maintain the whiteness year round.Because the problems will cause your teeth to change colour again. But, if your main issue is more about smoking, coffee, tea or other stuff. Teeth whitening will show it's full effect. Granted, you put a limit to those activities we mentioned right above. If you don’t limit those, you might have to do the procedure again.


It should be noted that after the procedure, you will face some minor side effects. These side effects are temporary and therefore will be gone after a while. Expect some teeth sensitivity after procedure. Hot will feel hotter, cold will feel colder. But this should go in no time.The other side effect that you can face is irritated gum’s. After every dental procedure, its expected to have some sort of gum inflammation. Teeth whitening is no different. You will have enlarged gums and occasional bleeding after the treatment. But don't panic, this will go away after couple of days of post treatment.



There are couple of ways to whiten your teeth. Some of these can be done in your home with natural remedies, or you can go to your dentist and let him/her do the whitening procedure. But don't forget, Professional whitening takes less time and lasts longer.



Also known as the walking bleaching, internal bleaching is a method that dentist's use when the patient only wants to whiten a singular tooth. Sometimes, a use of a drug or a localtrauma can cause just a singular tooth to become yellowish in colour.When something like this happens, it's best to just deal with the problematic tooth rather than doing an all in teeth whitening treatment. Internal bleaching is the treatment plan that dentists use for this type of issues. It's also cheaper than a regular teeth whitening.



Also known as vital tooth whitening, external bleaching is a very cost efficient method in the market. Not only is it cheaper, its also has a high success rate. It doesn’t affect the soft tissue or the enamel and does not compromise the overall structure of the teeth.This bleaching type has been considered a chemical solution to teeth discolorations and colour fading on our teeth. With this method, dentist’s effectively lighten the teeth and achieve a whiter look in a very short amount of time.



Zoom procedure takes 45 minutes to be completed. We apply a whitening gel to your teeth and let it sit there for 10 minutes. At the mean time, we activate zoom lights to start the procedure. It's a great method to fix discolorations and stains.We advise patient’s to undergo at least 1 teeth whitening procedure before hand. Doing A normal teeth whitening procedure before the zoom treatment can improve your results. If you have health problems like anxiety or benelign vertigo, we advise you to not take this procedure.



We advise our patients to take professional teeth whitening treatment if they have receading gums. professional teeth whitening can be done in only 2 sessions and %99 of the time, it gives you the ideal results. But, if you don't want that, your dentist can give you a tray and a gel.With those 2, you can apply the gel to your tray and put it into your mouth. If you do that daily for 1 to 2 hours, your teeth will get whiter by the end of the second week. You must be patient with this treatment plan as it can take more than 2 weeks.


You can also use other over the counter products to change the colour of your teeth. But these products do not contain carbamide peroxide (dentists use this for t.w) and therefore dont expect the same results. However, they make a good alternative for people that avoid dentists at all costs.Some of these products are whitening strips. These strips contain hydrogen peroxide, this helps your teeth to become lighter in colour. You need to use these strips couple of times a day for the specific amounts of time. Make sure to read the label to know exact use time.


Another product you can try is whitening toothpastes. These toothpastes contain substances that can alter the colour of your teeth. İt should take a while for them to show results. Also,it should be noted that the results are only there if you continue using the product. It's a double edged sword.


Just like all other dental treatment plans, teeth whitening is also relatively cheap compared to other countries. Most of the time people don't specifically come to Turkey for just teeth whitening. But they mash it with other treatmens like gum issued treatments or other teeth issues.If you are thinking of travelling to Istanbul for touristic reasons and if you were not satisfied with your teeth colour. You can contact us via social media to learn more about the prices and gain more information about the subject. We will gladly answer  every question!